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METAX is the Geotechnical, Drilling and Oilfield Division of CIMA S.p.A.

CIMA S.p.A. was born in April 2001 from the merging of two companies:

  • Cima s.n.c founded in July 1961
  • Metax s.n.c founded in March 1987

and becomes a unique company operating in two Business Divisions:

  • Metal Works and Special Fittings
  • Geotechnical, Drilling & Oilfield
  • METAX was registered as a trademark in 2002

The Geotechnical, Drilling & Oilfield Division of CIMA S.p.A. has grown over the years to become a leader in the field of Geotechnics and Oilfield, partner of the main drilling companies, renowned and present all over the world.

Today all the products of the Geotechnical, Drilling & Oilfield Division proudly bear METAX brand.

Chi siamo
Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress

METAX is the Geotechnical, Drilling & Oilfield Division of CIMA S.p.A and shares and communicates the same qualifying values.

CIMA S.p.A. was born in 1961 at the behest of two friends who combined their courage, knowledge and experience.
Even today, the values of the founding members are shared by the entire organization: preparation, commitment, determination and above all passion.



  • identify the needs of our customers and satisfy them thanks to innovation and product customization
  • seek and select competent and determined people to achieve the best
  • train the people of the Company with a view to continuous personal and professional improvement

We believe that preparation and passion are the pillars of our organization and we look for people who believe in it, like us.

The working method acquired thanks to the experience and expertise of the people who work in the various company functions, allows us to provide a 360° service to our customers through:
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Customer Contact and Solution Research

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Technical and Sales Consultancy

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Start up and Training

lavoro cinque

Remote and Job-Site Technical Support

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After Sales Training In House and On The Job


We have a strong commitment to quality, deeply aware that our production must be robust, durable, reliable.

According to our values we pay great attention to the quality of our production. The main components of our motorpumps like power-end, fluid-end, cranck shaft are produced and welded according to specific WPS ( Welding Procedure Specification) by Metal Works and Special Fitting Division that is certified according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2, one of the most important European welding certification.

Both Divisions of CIMA S.p.A. are Certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 through the Bureau Veritas – Certification Body; this is because we believe that the Quality Management System is essential to pursue production efficiency and continuous improvement in all Company’s processes.

All components of our equipment are carefully controlled before being assembled, in order to comply with the project specifications. After assembling, our products are subject to strict quality control test to verify the functionality of every component.

Proper transport to the customer facilities is also one of the primary targets: machines and equipment housed in containers are provided with a temporary or permanent CSC Certificate, allowing sea shipping when required.

Our partner certification body is Bureau Veritas.


An international orientation, with direct coverage worldwide, to enable Companies choosing
METAX as a partner to be competitive and global, coupled with the provision of the highest customer care standard through cutting-edge customer care tools and high skilled technical support. Blue areas show the presence of METAX equipment in the world.

METAX has implemented a worlwide network of carefully selected Dealers who collaborates 360° to satisfy customer need since METAX wants to be a renowned and reliable partner for Italian and International Clients

Metax nel mondo

Our Dealer’s network covers all the main world business area, as indicated by the arrows:
Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA and Canada, Central America, Russia, India, North Africa.

METAX provides high standards of customer service around the world, having highly qualified technical support and able to oversee the market at an international level.