CIMA S.p.A. | Maintenance of ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006

We are happy to announce that following the inspection in May, Bureau Veritas Italia, released to CIMA S.p.A. the maintenance of ISO 9001:2015 certification that concerns the Quality Management System with the following SCOPE:

  • Design, manufacturing and support service of motorpumps, plants and related accessories for fluids mixing & pumping → concerning  METAX | Geotechnical, Drilling & Oilfield Division of CIMA S.p.A.
  • Design and manufacturing of metal works for machinery. Manufacturing of steel components for oil & gas and general mechanics sector → concerning CIMA | Metal Works and Special Fittings Division of CIMA S.p.A.

The main topics have been the ongoing improvement of the organization and the innovation of production processes

Besides during the same inspection led by Bureau Veritas Italia, CIMA | Metal Works & Special Fittings Division of CIMA S.p.A. achieved the maintenance of ISO 3834-2 certification with the following SCOPE:

  • Manufactoring of welded valve bodies, pressure equipment and accessories

One of the main strengths of CIMA Division is the welding know how and ISO 3834-2 is a recognition of our capability and focus on quality!

We would like to thank Mauro Franciosi our Welding Coordinator, person of great knowledge, culture and inspiration and Dr Paolo Minniti, Bureau Veritas Inspector for challenging us and helping the organization to became better and better.

We are really working hard to reach efficiency and to eradicate the “we have always done in this way” culture.

Again, thanks to every man and woman of our company, nothing can happen without everybody commitment!