METAX | We Are Drilling & Foundation: PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT

The specialized magazine We Are Drilling & Foundation wanted to know METAX starting from people.

Over the past few years METAX has experienced a deep transformation starting from the organization chart, meaning the birth of new roles and the improved definition of tasks and responsibilities.

Basically, METAX has developed a true industrial mindset. This change of pace was possible thanks to the entry of some people. Among these, Simona Di Lorenzo, Quality Assurance & Marketing Manager | METAX Business Partner is playing a fundamental role in Strategy and Marketing, Roberto Camporesi, METAX Sales Manager is modifying the Commercial area starting from the purpose to offer clients targeted and customized solutions based on specific needs and not a single product and Stefano Accorsi, Head of METAX Technical Office who is giving an important contribution to revise the design, to became innovative adopting cutting-edge methodologies and software and above all to create a group within the technical team.

The real engine of this change has been Ettore Dordoni, CIMA S.p.A. Chief Executive Officer, who has managed to apply a humanistic approach, full of vital energy, to the industrial sector. Commitment, curiosiy and most of all passion, enthusiasm are what we are looking for, in the team we are building