High pressure triplex motor pumps


METAX, the geotechnical division of CIMA S.p.A., designs and produces its own production range of high pressure triplex motor pumps

Thanks to the high technical capacity of Metal Works and Special Fitting Division of Cima S.p.A, all main components of the high pressure triplex pumps, such as power-end, fluid-end, crankshaft are manufactured internally, thus guaranteeing maximum quality control.

As per their construction/application features, the triplex pumps are powered with Diesel/Electric engines between 250 and 1.000 HP.

In the field of civil engineering aimed at the construction of tunnels, it is often necessary to carry out high / low pressure injections in order to allow the excavation of the same and / or to complete them in the phases following the mechanized excavation one. 

For these purposes several techniques are used that involve the use of different equipment:

Soil consolidation through the realization of horizontal/sub-horizontal soilcrete columns (jet grouting);


Soil consolidation through the performance of low-pressure injections (compaction, permeation and/or compensation grouting);


Low pressure injection of “bi-component” admixtures in order to fill the “empty volume” between the natural soil and the reinforced concrete lining of the tunnels themselves.


For this specific sector, METAX is always at the side of its customers with the aim of studying, designing and manufacturing customized solutions.

Applications, techniques and phases
  • APPLICATIONSSoil Consolidation | Tunneling & Backfilling | Oilfield | Drilling | Directional Drilling
  • TECHNIQUESJet grouting | Soil Mixing | Deep Drilling | Water Injection | Workover
  • PHASESPumping
High pressure triplex motor pumps

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High pressure triplex motor pumps
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High pressure triplex motor pumps
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