Powder horizontal silos


In order to complete its technical proposal to the final Customer, especially called to work in restricted areas, METAX is able to provide horizontal silos for cement/bentonite powder storage. These silos are characterized by the presence of corner blocks for their over imposing on the containerized units such as mixing plants, mixing & injection plants and triplex pumps.

For common job-sites, where the available space isn’t the critical element, METAX can provide a wide range of monolithic, telescopic or paneled vertical silos, complete of all the needed accessories, including screw conveyors sized in function of the production requirement.

Applications, techniques and phases
  • APPLICATIONSSoil Consolidation | Tunneling & Backfilling
  • TECHNIQUESJet Grouting | Grouting | Soil Mixing
  • PHASESStorage
Powder horizontal silos

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Powder horizontal silos
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Powder horizontal silos